Key Times Call for Key Measures

The Covid-19 virus affects people in different ways. Some may develop mild or no symptoms, not requiring hospitalisation. Some however, with underlying medical conditions are the ones at higher risk, needing immediate medical attention. 

Yesterday August 2nd, saw a drop in cases. But sadly, Malaysia recorded the highest ever fatalities with 219 Covid-19 deaths. The last the nation breached the 200-mark was on July 26th, with 207 individuals losing their battle against the deadly virus. 

Our hospitals and frontliners are broken. Emergency rooms and wards are filled up, leaving our frontliners no choice other than to force patients away. All this are taking place even while more spaces are being converted into Covid-19 centres. 



With doctors having to select which patients to care for based on their chances of survival, and families having to decide the best option for their infected loved ones, is there nothing that can be done? 

This is not just the problem of the Ministry of Health (MOH), and not the burden of the Director General of Health and his team to bear alone. 

This is not only the fight of a neighbour staying across who has contracted Covid, not only the fight of friends and relatives with loved ones battling for their life in hospitals, not only the fight of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and not the fight of only those who contracted the deadly virus. 

This fight is OURS.