Hospital Kajang Secures Ten 4-Hook IV Drip Stands Through CovidFund

The past couple of weeks have seen a dip in hospital admissions of Covid-19 patients. However, we are reminded to not become complacent, and continue to remain vigilant. Or else our individual and collective sacrifices and efforts will be in vain.

On 24th August 2021, 10 4-Hook IV Drip Stands  were delivered to Hospital Kajang. CovidFund’s collaborative partner, Rotary Foundation was on site to hand over the stands to hospital representatives. Rotarian Satwant ensured the smooth transition of items to Puan Zamzarina, Personal Assistant (PA) to the Director of Hospital Kajang.

The IV Drip Stands assist patients during their treatment or rehabilitation, and the 4 hooks is used for holding treatment bags or bottles simultaneously.  Often located bedside or in close proximity to the patient during their treatment or rehabilitation, these stands are portable, making it an easy essential for medical frontliners and health providers.