Feeding Hope To Our Communities: FreeMakan Helps 20,000 Families

This pandemic has well and truly sunk its teeth into the livelihoods of marginalised communities all over the country. Daily wage earners, people with disabilities, refugees and migrants have suffered greatly due to a lack of income and the various lockdowns imposed. There is a common distressing factor that weaves through these sections of society: food poverty.

GiveBACk and the BAC Education Group could not just stand by while our fellow country men and women suffer through hunger pains. We initiated the FreeMakan campaign, with a goal to feed 2,000 B40 families around the Klang Valley. We began fundraising to procure dry rations that would last each family at least two weeks.

However, when our team went out on delivery runs, they saw that the need was overwhelming.

Deliveries to an Orang Asli village in Negeri Sembilan.


Helping families across the ocean in Sandakan, Sabah.

We decided to increase our goal to feeding 10,000 B40 families across Malaysia! And when we hit that target, the team pushed forward, setting a new goal: raising RM1,000,000 to help 20,000 families.

FreeMakan mobilised resources, partnered with incredible NGOs and worked around the clock to ensure these groceries were delivered promptly. Upon receiving their food aid, recipients flooded our inboxes with messages of gratitude and joy, along with pictures of their newly-received groceries. Some of them even posed for selfies with their groceries!

Recipients living in the Klang Valley with their grocery packs.


OKU recipients living in the Klang Valley with their FreeMakan groceries.

Here are some of the heartwarming messages we’ve received from our recipients:

“Thank you so much for the groceries! May God bless all of you”

“Thank you so much for all your support during the pandemic. Your team is doing a great job. God bless you.”

“We just received our groceries! I’ve checked and it seems the neighbouring families have also received their groceries. We’d all like to thank FreeMakan for the help provided!”

“Good morning! Thank you so much for sending me food, God bless you!!”

“Thank you thank you thank you for the food aid we received! We’re so grateful!”

A Rohingya refugee recipient poses for a picture with her groceries


Deliveries to B40 communities in Desa Petaling

It was incredibly moving to witness how this small gesture of kindness brought so much relief and happiness to these families.

In July, we successfully surpassed our goal, feeding 16,585 families! The FreeMakan team is immensely grateful to all our generous donors and volunteers. We could have never achieved this impact without the selfless community support shown.

We reached out to one of our partner organisations, the Malaysian Medical Association Wilayah (MMA Wilayah) whose chairman, Dr Saravanan Santhirarajan, had some wonderful things to say:

“In early June, MMA Wilayah decided to give out food baskets to disadvantaged communities around the Klang Valley. The committee members had no idea how to go about identifying our recipients and as doctors, we were busy at our respective workplaces. Thankfully, one of our committee members came across BAC’s fundraising platform GiveBACk.

We were happy with GiveBACk’s delivery mechanism. We were even more excited when BAC proposed a matching grant concept whereby for every pack we sponsor, BAC will top it up with another pack (1 + 1). We are glad to have collaborated with BAC and GiveBACk in feeding 400 families over a period of 10 weeks. We hope to work with BAC in the future on other projects. Thank you and keep up your fantastic work of serving mankind!”

This food aid initiative has not only impacted thousands of families all over Malaysia – it has also changed our lives and perspectives. The FreeMakan team listened to their heartbreaking stories and witnessed their lived realities.

B40 cancer patients have suffered through this pandemic – we hope our food aid eases their burdens


B40 families in Kapar receiving grocery packs

Raj, one of our volunteers, played a central role in facilitating deliveries, often going to the locations himself to ensure recipients received their grocery packs. Here’s what he had to say about his experience volunteering on the ground:

“I really appreciate this experience as I get to meet people from all walks of life. Things are really dire out there and I am glad BAC has taken the initiative to help these people. I’m so grateful BAC gave me this opportunity to help our vulnerable communities. This campaign has truly been an eye-opener as it made me realise how fortunate I am.”

The Campaign Continues…

Although we’ve surpassed our initial goals, FreeMakan’s work is far from over…

There are still single mothers who are struggling to feed their kids, refugees who are on the verge of losing hope and people with disabilities who are unable to fend for themselves. We want to help as many of them as possible!

FreeMakan’s latest aim is to raise RM1,500,000 to feed 30,000 families scattered around the country. Will you help us stop hunger from engulfing our vulnerable communities?

There are a few ways you can support our cause:

1. If you are able to donate any sum of money, please visit our fundraising page today!

2. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and help us expand our reach by liking, sharing and commenting.

As white flags are raised all over the country and food banks overwhelmed with requests for aid, it is important to remember that we are stronger together. FreeMakan cannot do this alone – we need YOU. We appreciate support in any shape or form. Even if you are unable to contribute monetarily, help us raise awareness online by sharing our posts and stories.

Let’s keep the #KitaAdaKita spirit alive and continue to help communities that have been left at the margins for far too long.


For more details on the progress of our campaign over the past few months, check out our Impact Stories

Pictures courtesy of our NGO partners and community mobilisers